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The Baby Book of You - The 1st Year

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The Baby Book of You is a contemporary baby book for the first year of life designed for every baby and their grown up. 

Filled out once a month for the first year, it’s the perfect place to write down all those memories from babyhood in a delightful keepsake journal to be treasured and looked back on forever. 

‘Before you arrived’ - what was known along with preparations, plus room for pictures and mementos. 

‘Your birth day’ - first impressions along with first words, there are prompts to capture everything that would like to be remembered. 

Each month asks for favourites which include ‘song’, ‘time of day’, and ‘place to sleep’, along with everything else not be forgotten. 

‘The cutest things you do’ along with ‘Your least appealing habits’ - prompts for answers to be read out on special occasions in years to come. 

There are no assumptions made on family or firsts, it simply asks ‘Who I am to you’ and ‘Firsts for this month’. 

‘My greatest achievements’ as well as ‘Your greatest achievements’ - there is room to capture what life was really like as well as celebrating milestones along the way. 

There are plenty of pages at the back for welcome messages from family and friends, somewhere for everyone important to write a message to the baby and for it to be kept safely along with all those other memories from the first year.

‘Our world in pictures’ - pages for photos of people and places that matter the most. 

It is a charming book which prompts delightful answers and builds in to a lasting treasury to be looked back on, jogging happy and funny memories of the first year. With a beautiful dedication page at the start, it makes a wonderful gift for now and in the future. 

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