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Increase sales by 150% year on year. Anyone for Coffee?

Increase sales by 150% year on year. Anyone for Coffee?

The year is 2016, and much as Pippa Williams adores travelling up and down the country in her mobile coffee van to play her part in quenching the caffeine thirsts of coffee lovers at events all around the UK, she knows that when it comes to driving the business forward into the world of retail, she’ll need two things to help her do this successfully… 


  1. her sister, Natalie 

  2. an e-commerce website that packs as much punch as a fistful of her finest coffee beans.


In 2018, Pippa got both of these things on board, and Maverick Coffee began trading online. They even branched out into trading tea as well as the retailing of coffee pods for brands such as Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. 

Pippa and Natalie - the sisters behind Maverick Coffee


“We realised that becoming a reputable online retailer of coffee – and building one of the most ethical businesses in the industry – was a big step up from driving around in a van, so we wanted to keep things as simple as possible wherever we could. Website management was top of that list – we just didn’t want any fuss!” recalls, Natalie. “I’d had experience with Shopify before, so I knew it would be a streamlined and simple option, and then from there I was keen to see what we could do to best showcase our products and engage our customers.”


In choosing Envy as the theme for their Shopify site, Maverick were instantly impressed with the theme’s built-in SEO functionality, meaning that customers could find Maverick’s coffee offerings easily through search engines. But, in wanting to grow the business year on year, Natalie and Pippa knew that it wouldn’t be enough to simply get the customers landing on their site – they’d need to do something engaging to keep them coming back time and time again. 


Put simply, Envy looks like a shop, which may sound like an obvious choice for, well, a shop - but we’ve designed and developed it in line with what merchants have told us; that other themes can look less like a place to buy, and more like a blog site or similar. Natalie and Pippa loved the theme for what they wanted to do with Maverick, and the fact that there were so many customisable options has meant they’ve been able to really brand their online store in a way that they – as well as their loyal coffee-quaffing customers – absolutely love.


“We’ve used Envy right from the start”, Natalie told us (which we find a lot of our merchants do, having been excited by the theme from the minute they decide to build a Shopify site). 
“Admittedly, I can’t compare it against any other themes on the market, but all I will say is that Envy is simple, clean and professional – and doesn’t every growing brand want those things for their business?”


We believe that the homepage is the most important page on any business’s website, and so, in developing Envy, we’ve made sure that our customers have complete freedom for design through having multiple options for layouts. Slides can be set, switched and switched off in the mere click of a button, which means that when it comes to running sales, offers and promotions, these things can be showcased in the most efficient manner possible - and in a style that customers of Maverick often describe to Natalie and Pippa as being “luxurious”, “sophisticated” and “high-end”. 


“We particularly love the photographic backgrounds for content areas, and being able to customise this even further with gradient overlays”, says Natalie. “This has helped us to create some really eye-catching content on our homepage that can convert even the most caffeine-resistant customer, we’re sure!”



Of course, Maverick know that having a great site isn’t all about the look – it’s about the feel and the function, too.


“Our customers repeatedly tell us how easy the sales process is, and this shows in the loyal base of customers we’ve built as well as the figures that have been brewing in the background”, states Natalie. “Our sales have increased by 150% every year we have been selling on our Envy-fuelled e-commerce store. We consider our website to be an integral part of our brand, as it’s the very first thing our customers see when they find us online, and it's obviously doing a great job of selling our products!”


Perhaps some proof here that whilst great business people run on coffee, great e-commerce websites run on Envy.