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The Book of You - Age 1-16

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The Book of You is a stylish and modern memory book to be filled out each year from age one through to sixteen.

Deemed as the continuation of the baby book, the journal’s recordings mature as the child does. It is the only childhood record book with prompts for the adult and questions for the child (from the age of three). 

Every year has a stats page for things like height, shoe size, and how they get around along with all their favourite things and the unique 'make your mark' page which can be used for hand and foot prints when the child is little and where they can do a drawing or stick in photos when they are older. On this page is space for them to write their name from the age of four which evolves in to their signature when the time is right. 

There are prompts every year for the grown up to write about the child ‘The things you do that make me laugh’ along with ‘Your best quotes’, space for everything that you don’t want to be forgotten. At the top it asks 'Who I am to you' so it doesn't have to be the same person filling it out each year and makes it inclusive for all families. 

There are age appropriate questions to ask from the age of three, ‘What makes you happy?’ along with ‘What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done this year?’ which evolves in to the most embarrassing thing when they get older. The questions mature as the years pass and it ends at age sixteen with a note to their future self along with hopes and predictions for the future. 

It's wonderful to hear their answers as well as have a place to write down all the funny and cute things they say which may not be quite so funny and cute as they enter the teenage years! The idea is that you can tuck the book away for a few years and regift it back to them when they are older, or bring it out on their wedding day! They can read all the lovely things written about them, laugh at what they wanted to be when they were three, and cringe at the most embarrassing things to happen to them when they were thirteen. 

It’s a charming book designed to promote positivity and affection which prompts delightful answers and builds in to a lasting treasury to be looked back on, jogging happy and funny memories of childhood. With a beautiful dedication page at the start, it makes a wonderful gift for now and in the future. 

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