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Envy: A Thing of Natural Beauty

Envy: A Thing of Natural Beauty

In spending her days travelling with her family and learning about new and sustainable ways of living - particularly in off-grid communities and eco-villages – it’s possibly unsurprising that Rose Correa, co-founder of up-and-coming skincare brand, Amazonian SkinFood, would want to bring to market a range of natural skincare products that promote ways of living more in harmony with nature (as well as with ourselves).


Rose and Shane, founders of Amazonian Skinfood


What’s also not surprising is that Rose chose one of our Shopify themes (Envy) to serve as the online catalyst for her sustainable and natural skincare e-commerce brand.


Skincare is an industry that has thrived during the pandemic. Ecommerce businesses such as Amazonian Skincare have simply sloughed away the competition with attractive online shopping experiences that help build deeper relationships with their customers and enhance credibility, as well as drive their sales.


“We set out to create a sustainable and natural skincare line to help declutter routines and achieve optimal skin health with fewer steps. We wanted to show our customers how to achieve their best skin using our multifunctional and gentle yet effective formulas that embrace the skin’s natural texture and complexion”, says Rose about her venture.



“I guess it aligned perfectly that we should choose an e-commerce website that’s similarly simple, dynamic, and intuitive. We certainly got that with Envy. Just like good skin, the design of the theme is clear, polished, and simply great looking.”


Though many merchants see what Envy has to offer and are instantly attracted to its form and function, Rose already had an idea in her head of what she wanted the Amazonian Skinfood site to look like. It seemed that Envy instantly reflected the beauty that Rose wanted to put out into the world with her skincare.


“We spotted straight away that Envy would give us a beautiful website that really improved the user experience (in comparison to other Shopify themes) and increased our e-commerce conversions”, states the skincare mogul. “I think we spent over a week looking at different e-commerce platforms and themes, and Shopify with Envy just stood out. It seemed like the perfect combo not only to build our business, but also to build our brand. It was also perfect for those of us who just aren’t that tech savvy!”


Although these things are lovely to hear about Envy, they don’t surprise us. Style as well as substance, and a user experience that’s just as simple for the business to use themselves as it is for their customers, have come to be known as key features of the Envy theme we’ve created.


“All of our pages have been customisable thanks to the features of Envy, enabling us to do what we want to showcase our skincare specialities”, muses Rose. “Other themes we’d explored just didn’t have this anywhere except for their homepage, but as consumers ourselves, we know that people may not always land on that page. Every page has to enhance our brand, showcase our offers, and mark us out from the competition. We also adore the slider images on the main banner. Visuals are everything with a premium product such as ours, and to know that they look great on mobile as well as desktop is just a dream.”




Envy isn’t just about static visuals and graphics, however. Envy supports features that enable the integration of videos, too. This is perfect for a mission-driven business such as Amazonian Skinfood, whose ultimate aim is to build a sustainable economy and preserve the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest. The interactive storytelling feature on Envy really enables Rose’s team to connect with their customers on a whole new level, and really showcases the ethos and work of the brand. This is how you build a loyal customer base, after all.


And so, we know that our merchants love Envy, but what do their customers think about it?


“We’ve had so much feedback about our website”, says Rose about the premium look and feel of Envy. “Everyone thinks we paid thousands to have it designed and made, but in truth, my husband and I did everything ourselves. Without Envy, we never would have been able to build a website like this – I don’t even think a designer could have pulled this off. We’ve kept evolving over time and now we couldn’t be happier with our creation. We are a small business, but looking at our website, we look like a big brand. We feel confident that this will indeed be the reality one day.”


Looking for a Shopify theme for your e-commerce site that scrubs up nicely? We think you may have found it!


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