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  1. Large T-Rex Knitted Dinosaur Soft Toy
  2. Organic Knitted Cotton Mustard Bunny Rabbit
  3. Knitted Organic Small Mustard Elephant
  4. Knitted Organic Small Teal Elephant
  5. Knitted Organic Small Zebra
  6. Woolly Mammoth Knitted Baby Rattle
  7. Organic Knitted Cotton Teal Bunny Rabbit
  8. White Knitted Bunny Rabbit Baby Rattle
  9. 3 in 1 Dinosaur Toy - Teether, Bath, Rubber toy- T REX
  10. White Knitted Baby Elephant Rattle
  11. Fairtrade Wooden Rainbow Puzzle
  12. Large Personalised Grey Teddy Bear
  13. 3 in 1 Dinosaur Toy - Teether, Bath, Rubber toy- Orange Diplodocus
  14. Rainbow T-Rex Dinosaur Knitted Rattle
  15. Fair Trade Organic Cotton Baby Comforter
  16. Knitted Grey Bunny Rabbit Rattle
  17. Large Personalised Duck
  18. Personalised Wooden Rainbow

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  • "I love it so much I’ve bought it twice. Warm, roomy and bright. It is genuinely the perfect coat. My little one has worn his for over a year and it still looks brand new. We have the next size up waiting for him because we couldn’t bare to be without it."


  • "I bought the rubber T Rex for my grandson. I can honestly say he really loves it and takes it everywhere. Along with the knitted ones he sleeps with. It’s a great size for little hands."


  • "This is the first time I have bought dresses from you and I am SO impressed with them, love the vibrant colours, the fabric is of such high quality and they look epic (photos do not do them justice)! Roll on Christmas when I see my nieces reaction!"