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  1. Penguin Cotbed Duvet set - Fred & Noah
  2. Penguin Fitted Cot sheet - Fred & Noah
  3. Giraffe Single size Duvet set - Fred & Noah
  4. Dino Cotbed Duvet set - Fred & Noah
  5. Dino Fitted Cot sheet - Fred & Noah
  6. Giraffe Cotbed Duvet set - Fred & Noah
  7. Penguin Single size Duvet set - Fred & Noah
  8. Giraffe Fitted Cot sheet - Fred & Noah
  9. Dino pram Blanket - Fred & Noah
  10. Giraffe XXL blanket - Fred & Noah
  11. Penguin XXL Blanket
  12. Nutcracker Cushion - Fred & Noah
  13. XXL Bricks blanket
  14. XXL Milk Feather print blanket
  15. Cycling Bears Cot Sheet
  16. Circus Cot Sheet
  17. Brick Print Cot Sheet
  18. Rainbow Heart Print Blanket

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  • "I love it so much I’ve bought it twice. Warm, roomy and bright. It is genuinely the perfect coat. My little one has worn his for over a year and it still looks brand new. We have the next size up waiting for him because we couldn’t bare to be without it."


  • "I bought the rubber T Rex for my grandson. I can honestly say he really loves it and takes it everywhere. Along with the knitted ones he sleeps with. It’s a great size for little hands."


  • "This is the first time I have bought dresses from you and I am SO impressed with them, love the vibrant colours, the fabric is of such high quality and they look epic (photos do not do them justice)! Roll on Christmas when I see my nieces reaction!"